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    Bott Belt (Per Belt)

    Eliminates the need for a surgical assistant during arthroscopic surgery No chance of misunderstood instructions No waiting for assistant’s reaction time You are in TOTAL CONTROL. Make the correct move as you need it—when you need...

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    CT Table Covers, Vinyl

    No more ugly, dirty looking yellow CT covers This new material gives you great protection without becoming yellow as it is cleaned It is a vinyl on vinyl material which is durable, and patients slide...

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    CT/MRI C-Spine Cape

    No more sand bags and barium jugs The patient pushes down with their legs on the strap and the shoulders come down Gives you a better picture of C-7 Less streaking artifact from patient’s shoulders on CT of the cervical spine No more radiation exposure to techs in the room to pull down the...

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    Foley Catheter Hanging Strap

    New stronger material, more durable, easy to clean, slides smoothly The ends are reinforced to prevent tearing and damage Material does not crack and crumble like the clear vinyl straps Velcro on back to keep strap from slipping 41 inches long, 3 inches wide, with 16 inches of Velcro loop on...

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    Glove Box Insert

    How often have you needed one glove and pulled it out and four more fell on the floor? Multiply that time hundreds of employees doing this many times each day. You can save 20% or more with this simple device which fits into your existing box holder. Anyone can install simply by sliding the insert into the existing plastic glove box...

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    Radiology Table Pads

    Covered with durable vinyl Handles for hanging may be requested and added at no charge One inch thick comfortable foam core If you need thicker foam, custom thickness is available, request quote For Water Resistant Table Pads please see product...

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    Wrist Immobilization Strap

    Strong comfortable web strap Strap/Velcro any length up to...

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