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    Child Cassette Holder

    Child is seated with arm secured above head Technologist is able to perform AP, PA & LAT chest...

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    Child Immobilization Board

    Secures child with head holder Velcro backed straps give firm holding power Large handles allow for ease in moving patient Long slots give versatility in the size of child with which it can be used Gives controlled holding power to prevent...

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    CT Arm Board

    Slides under pad Designed to support the arm Non-ferrous material Great for CT, Nuc Med, MRI or other areas needing...

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    CT Clear Protective Cover (Roll of 300)

    54” x 90” Plastic Covering for your CT Table Keeps body fluids from getting into electronics Wonderful for trauma or times when body fluids cause chaos Protects your techs from HAI’s—studies show that one in three people will have MRSA on their clothing Disposable after each patient Free dispenser for each CT room 300 sheets per...

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    CT Footrest

    Axial and Coronal views can be obtained Support straps hold feet secure One or both feet may be...

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    CT Limbrest

    Hand & wrist are secured by sliding side of Limbrest Can be used in CT for patients with difficulty keeping arms above the head Both arms or both legs may be placed in Limbrest Axial views of hands & legs may be obtained Hand placed in AP position to obtain sagittal view May be used on any CT...

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    Knee Support

    Tapered to fit comfortably under the thigh while giving support to the knee Easy to clean & disinfect For UVP, CT & MRI patients Your choice of clear acrylic or vinyl covered foam Handle on back/side provides a place to pull without grabbing the edge and causing it to tear with heavy...

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    MRI CT Full Body Wrap Immobilizer

    Comfortable body immobilizer Made of cleanable vinyl 5 sizes for better immobilization Used in CT, MRI & diagnostic radiology Wrist straps sewn inside body wrap to keep arms...

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    Ortho CM Block Set

    For Orthopedic Application For use when the patient has a leg length discrepancy Nine wooden blocks, graded by half centimeters, from 1 cm to 5 cm Appropriate size block is placed under the foot of the shorter leg, to achieve proper position of the pelvis for leg, spine, and pelvis x-rays in the standing position Can also be used to determine proper size “shoe lift” Can be used for Coleman Block...

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