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    Ambulance Torso Slide Board

    18” x 30” Lightweight, flexible Easy to place under the patient while on gravel or asphalt Easily transfers patient from your stretcher to hospital stretcher Used by major ambulance...

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    Anti-Claustrophobia Glasses

    Helps to eliminate patient claustrophobia Allows the patient to view the room, not just the top of the scanner 10% of your patients are claustrophobic—increase your profits by not losing that scan 1/3 the cost of other...

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    Anti-static Patient Slide Board

    ENGRAVED with department name and phone number For use when anti-static material is essential A must for every room 23” x 72” MRI safe Durable, cleanable, easy to...

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    Arm/Wrist Holder

    Ideal for Thallium scans Helps hold the arm from the path of the camera or other devices Webbing attaches around wrist and is attached by a nylon cord which allows you to position the arm wherever is...

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    Bolt on Arm Holder for Angio (Pair)

    Bolts to Angio Table Reduces the risk of falling Curved making it easy to reach patient Slots with straps provided is an...

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    Bott Belt (Per Belt)

    Eliminates the need for a surgical assistant during arthroscopic surgery No chance of misunderstood instructions No waiting for assistant’s reaction time You are in TOTAL CONTROL. Make the correct move as you need it—when you need...

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    Burton Pediatric X-Ray System

    Film can be placed in any position using the body board. Also shown is cross table, arm board and I.V. pole which are sold...

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    Cassette Holder

    Holds the cassette in upright position Slides under pad, next to patient with cassette next to holder No more holding in place with make shift items Ideal for Cross Table Lateral X-Rays or air contrast BE decubitus films Will hold grid and...

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    Child Cassette Holder

    Child is seated with arm secured above head Technologist is able to perform AP, PA & LAT chest...

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