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CT/MRI C-Spine Cape

No more sand bags and barium jugs The patient pushes down with their legs on the strap and the shoulders come down Gives you a better picture of C-7 Less streaking artifact from patient’s shoulders on CT of the cervical spine No more radiation exposure to techs in the room to pull down the...

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Wrist Immobilization Strap

Strong comfortable web strap Strap/Velcro any length up to...

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Radiology Table Pads

Covered with durable vinyl Handles for hanging may be requested and added at no charge One inch thick comfortable foam core If you need thicker foam, custom thickness is available, request quote For Water Resistant Table Pads please see product...

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CT Table Covers, Vinyl

No more ugly, dirty looking yellow CT covers This new material gives you great protection without becoming yellow as it is cleaned It is a vinyl on vinyl material which is durable, and patients slide...

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Side Rail Safety Cushion

The 15” x 36” x 2” cushion gives protection for patients suffering from seizures or combative behavior Slides over top rail of the gurney and quickly attaches against itself The two inch pad protects patient from injuring themselves on the rail Removes and attaches easily and quickly so gurney can be used for any patient The vinyl on vinyl material cleans...

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Safety Rail for X-Ray Table

Safety Rail is a bright safety yellow Provides a visual and physical barrier to the patient so they feel safe and are aware there is a safety rail Provides you with a “reasonable effort” to secure a patient without restraint straps Attaches to your x-ray table with suction cups Easy to attach and “quick release” mechanism Light weight metal, powder coated for long lasting finish Hooks (see #4050) are provided so you can hang the Safety Rail on the wall for easy...

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Hanging Hook for Engraved Patient Slideboard

Single Hook on a 3” x 5” Mounting Plate Two hooks will be needed for each Engraved Slide Board (See #4004 for details of how you may have your department name and phone number engraved on your slide board at no extra cost) Hooks may be placed so the Slide Board can hang in a Horizontal or Vertical position Hooks are attached to the HDPE plate and two screws are included to attach to...

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Burton Pediatric X-Ray System

Film can be placed in any position using the body board. Also shown is cross table, arm board and I.V. pole which are sold...

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The Burton Bike

Unit is effective in securing the child during radiological imaging Easy rolling castors make it simple to roll unit to desired location Locking floor stops are used to stabilize the unit Heavy base allows elevation adjustments, rotates to desired position Convenient foot lever is used to lock the unit into position Digital friendly straps are used to secure the child A musical mobile is a friendly distraction during...

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