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Urological Catheter Straps

A safety device Designed & developed under actual hospital conditions Doctor & hospital tested Designed to reduce patient discomfort Facilitates patient care Holds catheter drainage tube in place without constriction Helps prevent infection caused by makeshift devices Helps prevent skin irritation Allows patient maneuverability Helps prevent inflated tube from pulling down & causing damage to the prostate Eliminates the use of surgical tape & pins Non-slip elastic...

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Tracheotomy Tie and Cover

Keeps the tie from cutting into the neck area Helps heal when neck is...

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Elbow Cover

For Siemens Portable X-Ray Moblette Protects elbow and arm of the X-ray...

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Emergency Room Trauma Board

Designed to fit on all stretchers Patient is placed on Trauma Board while still on paramedic back board Cassettes are placed under patient without lifting the patient Protects medical personnel from back injuries from lifting patients Turns any stretcher into a trauma stretcher Durable & easy to clean Cuts x-ray time in half Maximum weight capacity 400...

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Rix Board

The RixBoard, used with a foaming agent or bean bag system, is the most effective way to position breast patients for Radiation Therapy The RixBoard was designed by a therapist, for therapists. IT WEIGHS LESS THAN 12 POUNDS. Has a non-skid surface Utilizes thermoplastic sheets Has seven angles: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40...

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Pelvic Wedge

Designed for endovaginal & prostate ultrasound Firm, yet comfortable Our curved cut out enables technologist more maneuverability of ultrasound...

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Foley Catheter Hanging Strap

New stronger material, more durable, easy to clean, slides smoothly The ends are reinforced to prevent tearing and damage Material does not crack and crumble like the clear vinyl straps Velcro on back to keep strap from slipping 41 inches long, 3 inches wide, with 16 inches of Velcro loop on...

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Bott Belt (Per Belt)

Eliminates the need for a surgical assistant during arthroscopic surgery No chance of misunderstood instructions No waiting for assistant’s reaction time You are in TOTAL CONTROL. Make the correct move as you need it—when you need...

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Glove Box Insert

How often have you needed one glove and pulled it out and four more fell on the floor? Multiply that time hundreds of employees doing this many times each day. You can save 20% or more with this simple device which fits into your existing box holder. Anyone can install simply by sliding the insert into the existing plastic glove box...

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